Thousands of women gathered in central Mumbai to stage a massive rally against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), on Friday.

Demonstrators waved national flags and chanted slogans calling on the government to stop dividing the nation.

A teacher at the protest angrily condemned the law, saying "How are we going to teach the students that the constitution that was made by a Hindu is not applicable to a Muslim?"

"Now what are we going to teach? All religions are equal except Muslims? Why?" she continued.

The organisers from Mumbai Citizen's Forum said they were expecting between 3,000 and 4,000 protesters, but that "the turnout was bigger."

Protests have swept the country after the Indian Parliament passed a bill on December 11, entitling religious minority migrants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan to Indian citizenship if they entered the country before 2015.

The amendment has come under criticism for discriminating against undocumented Muslim migrants.

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