A post-graduate student and a traffic volunteer, Shubhi Jain has attracted social media fan following with her unique dance moves to regulate traffic in the Indian city of Indore. She has garnered over 7,000 likes and her Youtube videos have been viewed over 80,000 times since they were posted on Monday.

Footage shot on Tuesday shows Jain managing traffic on busy city roads and reminding people to follow traffic rules with her distinctive style.

"I was here in Indore for my Robin Hood Army internship, at that time while traveling from the road I saw some students wearing the same jacket and they were trying to spread the awareness when it comes to traffic rules, so I thought of that, why should, even I should join them." said Shubhi Jain.

She further added that, "when you start requesting people that too with a cute smile people absorb that thing and even if they are not able to follow the rules, they pursue this thing that ok, I will try to follow this rule and I believe that smile is contagious and everything can be done with a smile."

Jain who is the city for a 15-day internship was reportedly insprired by the local 'moonwalking' traffic cop Ranjeet Singh who became a viral sensation in 2015 for his unique dancing traffic management style.

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