Students from Jammu and Kashmir came together in solidarity in New Delhi on Monday to organise an "Eid Away from Home" for those cut off from their families during the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha due to the ongoing communications and travel restrictions in the region.

"Todays is Eid and the whole world is celebrating, but I haven't spoken to my family for the last eight days. The Eid Festival is an important festival and we celebrate that with joy, but I haven't spoken to my family on Eid day. Today are we all gathered here not to celebrate Eid but to show that we are not celebrating Eid. We are requesting the government to do a little by restoring the communication lines so we can speak to our families and make sure they are ok," student Ashraff student said.

"We are here to observe Eid without our loved ones which is probably the worst kind of Eid we could have," Faizan, the event organiser said.

The event was organised by students, however many citizens of New Delhi came together to show solidarity with those unable to celebrate Eid with their loved ones, one attendee said: "We have assembled here today to assure them their families are here and we all are here with them as one family in this country."

Traditional food was provided at the event as well as a forum for Kashmiris to speak out and share their experiences of the communications black-out.

Phone lines and internet were cut off and travel restrictions imposed in the region of Jammu and Kashmir on August 5 when the Indian government revoked article 370 of the constitution stripping the region of its autonomy.

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