Dozens of India's Communist Party (CPI) members gathered in New Delhi to the immediate release of 'political activists’ detained in Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday.

Footage shows people gathering, holding signs with appeals to the Indian government and CPI leaders talking on stage about the issue.

"There is something the government is hiding and they want to convert Kashmir like an occupied territory, like what Israel is doing with Palestinians," said the Secretary General of the CPI Sitaram Yechury adding "why are there normal people who have been arrested if everything is normal?"

"We are demanding the immediate release of all who are detained and kept in custody," said another activist. Her question is why the government claims "everything is okay" in Jammu and Kashmir but then "the people, the leaders of political parties and even ordinary workers of the parties and even the social activists are all detained and they are kept in prison."

Indian-administered Kashmir has been on lockdown since the Indian government stripped the region of its autonomous status three weeks ago, imposed a curfew and shut down all communications. The move angered Pakistan, which responded by cutting off diplomatic and economic ties with India.

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VOA News 22 Sep 2019 23:23 CEST

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