All of the first batch of severe patients were transferred to the Huoshenshan Hospital as of 18:00 on Sunday.

The first batch of severe patients were divided into three categories. The first category of patients have bad lung conditions, which were shown by the CT (computed tomography) images. The second category of patients are relatively elder, which is one of the major features of the patients with NCP. The oldest patient here is over 80 years old. The third category of patients have relatively severe conditions that they have some other diseases including diabetes, high blood pressure and heart attack.

To improve the speed of receiving the patients, the hospital reasonably set up the routes for vehicles to enter and leave, ensuring that various hospital wards can simultaneously and effectively cure the patients.

Meanwhile, the hospital has strengthened the admission and treatment of severe patients. In addition to the two intensive care units, the general departments started to receive the patients with severe conditions. The hospital also gives individualized diagnosis and treatment to each patient and conducts comprehensive treatment mode including nutrition therapy, psychological counseling and rehabilitation training.

At present, the conditions of severe patients are basically stable, and the conditions of critical patients have improved.!language=1


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