A new restaurant in Milan has hopped right on the social media band wagon, allowing visitors to pay less or even nothing depending on the amount of Instagram followers they have. In footage captured on Tuesday, customers talked about the new idea.

SOT, Matteo Pittarello, owner (Italian): "Your bill can change, according to a number of your followers. You can get one, two, four, even eight dishes for free."

SOT, Matteo Pittarello, owner (Italian): "We considered a great opportunity to let our young customers pay through popularity."

SOT, customer (Italian): "It's original and modern because, nowadays an influencer - who we're not since we just have 1,700 followers - is a proper job and it's now becoming daily paid. It's fair!"

SOT, influencer (Italian): "I'm an influencer. I've just started but I already have 4,000 followers. I came for lunch, for my Instagram dish!"

SOT, client (Italian): "You can get food for free, according to your followers' number but I'm not an influencer so I'll pay everything with cash."

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