‘Donald Trump is hustling the American people.’ — Rep. Hakeem Jeffries is wondering where the receipts are on some of the president’s boldest claims.

In US news and political news, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries is calling out President Trump and the Trump administration for hustling the United States. Jeffries brings up Trump's claims of being a billionaire but not allowing anyone to see Trump's tax returns, Trump's claims of being a stable genius but not allowing anyone to see Trump's grades. Then Jeffries questions why Trump claims innocence in the Robert Mueller investigation while the Department of Justice withholds the full Mueller report (even though Trump campaign officials Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn were found guilty). Now President Donald Trump and the Trump administration are claiming they have a healthcare plan to replace the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) but as Jeffries explains, Trump won't let us see it.

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