How To Survive The Pandemic Without TP

There's always been an aura of mystery surrounding bidets.

While they’re popular in many parts of the world, they've never been able to make a splash in the United States.

Until now, at least. According to HuffPost, searches for bidets have soared as stores have had their toilet paper stocks evacuated.

Using a bidet for "numbers one and two" is healthier and more hygienic than using paper.

For many reasons, some people may find it difficult to wipe themselves properly. Water does the work for you!

Using a bidet also keeps your hands away from your 'down there' mess, which will keep your phone and other surfaces free of fecal bacteria.

Bidets can be standalone fixtures, or can be attached to your toilet. Prices range from $40 to over $1000, depending on its bells and whistles.


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