As Ben Lecomte focuses on his goal to swim across the Pacific Ocean, find out how the 'Seeker' research team is collecting data on everything from plankton to plastic to singing whales.

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Introducing ‘The Swim’: A 5500-Mile Expedition Across the Pacific Ocean

"Ben Lecomte and his crew embark on a historic swim across the Pacific Ocean in an effort to gain awareness on the state of ocean health."

A 51-year-old just began a 5,500-mile swim across the Pacific Ocean from Japan to San Francisco

"Throughout the entire trip, Lecomte and the boat accompanying him on the journey plan to collect samples and test the water, looking for everything from contamination from the Fukushima incident to the presence of microplastics in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch."

"During that time I was standing on deck scouting the surface of the water for plastic. About every 15 minutes I spotted a new piece."


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