‘This hate kills people.’ — These are the horrors LGBTQ+ asylum seekers from Central America face waiting for entry into the U.S.

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Jose is a gay English teacher from Honduras. He says he fled homophobic death threats from gangs after his neighbors discovered his relationship with his partner

Jose: 'We used to say to everyone that we were just friends. We were just friendly together. But for some reason our neighbors they knew that they were a couple and then the rumors started flying away that we were a couple and then the gangsters were the first ones who started visiting our gates and they were like spying just to see if we were a couple or not. So the hell started at that moment.

And I had someone who was telling me they were going to kill me. I went to the police and they just laughed about it, because they are not educated in this kind of situation because human rights are not the best ones in my country.'

Jose arrived to Tijuana in March with an LGBT caravan that left Honduras in January. He is now one of thousands of migrants waiting at the border city of Tijuana, Mexico to seek asylum. But Tijuana is one of Mexico’s most dangerous cities and many of the migrants are not safe LGBTQ+ migrants, in particular, are vulnerable.

'One time somebody who hates the LGBT community just burned out the shelter [in Tijuana] and a few days after a trans woman was beaten. I’m not scared of being criminalized because I am not committing any crime. But I don’t want to be punished because it hurts. Last year here in Tijuana a police man beat me because of helping migrants.'

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