How NASA Plans to Return to the Moon

NASA hasn't sent humans back to the Moon in almost 50 years, but in the next decade, the agency has ambitious plans for a lunar revival.

What’s Really Changed—and What Hasn’t—About Getting Humans to the Moon

“NASA’s Orion will combine vintage tech with massive advances in computing power and electronics we’ve made since 1972.”

NASA’s Lunar Outpost will Extend Human Presence in Deep Space

“As NASA sets its sights on returning to the Moon, and preparing for Mars, the agency is developing new opportunities in lunar orbit to provide the foundation for human exploration deeper into the solar system.”

NASA’s First Flight With Crew Important Step on Long-term Return to the Moon, Missions to Mars

“Astronauts on their first flight aboard NASA’s Orion spacecraft will travel farther into the solar system than humanity has ever traveled before. Their mission will be to confirm all of the spacecraft’s systems operate as designed in the actual environment of deep space with crew aboard.”

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