How Does COVID-19 Progress Day By Day

While most cases of the coronavirus are mild, about 20% of patients suffer severe symptoms or become critically ill.

Patients may experience symptoms at different rates and severity, but researchers agree COVID-19 follows a typical timeline.

Day 1: Most patients report fever, fatigue and a dry cough. Some people have reported diarrhea or nausea.

Day 5: Patients report shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, especially if they have a preexisting health condition.

Day 7: Is the day most patients are admitted to the hospital if they aren't going to be able to fight the virus at home.

Day 10: If the patients is having life-threatening symptoms, they are typically admitted to ICU on day 10.

Day 17: On average, patients who recover from the virus are released from the hospital 2.5 weeks after admission.

The first symptoms, however, may not appear right away, the virus' average incubation period is about five days.

Business Insider reports the US has reported more than 9,400 cases and 155 deaths.

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