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A human-chain, an estimated 30 miles (48km) long, stretched across Hong Kong on Friday to coincide with the anniversary of the 'Baltic Way' protests against the Soviet Union.

The chain was part of the wave of protests which were sparked two months again over a now-suspended extradition bill.

At around 8pm local time (12pm GMT) sets of protesters began linking arms along three subway lines in a mirror image of the anti-Soviet protests three decades ago.

On August 23rd 1989, some two million people joined forces across Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania to form a 600km (370mi) chain.

The protest in Hong Kong marks the 30th anniversary of the protest and has been dubbed the 'Hong Kong Way.'

Meanwhile, thousands more gathered in Chater Garden in the city's Central district as part of a Christian rally in a bid to bring an end to the violence which has spilled over in recent weeks.

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