Hong Kong was in lock down on Saturday, with MTR stations closed since morning and shops closing earlier in the day as a consequence of violent anti-government protests overnight.

7-11, a chain known for always staying open, also decided to close down their branches over safety concerns.

Shop and station closures divided the territory's residents.

"It's quite frustrating because all of them are closed. Actually it really affects our daily life," said Wong.

'When the government ignores the opinions of the Hong Kong people and they get some reactions, so this is how the people respond to this situation right now. So I think it's OK, it's fine for me to see many doors closing," resident Mark Lee said.

Resident 'M P' accused Hong Kong's Mass Transit Railway (MTR) of "not servicing the people, they are servicing the police and the Hong Kong government. Maybe this is one of the tactics to stop people from coming out."

MTR released a note reading: 'After the outbreak of violence at multiple districts, maintenance staff are still carrying out repair works at damaged stations. After conducting an assessment jointly with the Police and other relevant government departments, all MTR train service covering the Heavy Rail (except Airport Express) and Light Rail is suspended today. MTR buses will provide limited service from 4pm onwards.'

On Friday, Chief Executive Carrie Lam used emergency powers to ban face masks at public gatherings, in response to growing violence since October 1.

Hong Kong has been rocked by protests sparked by a now-withdrawn extradition bill since March. Despite the bill being cancelled, the rallies have since evolved into a wider movement against the government.

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