Pro-democracy protesters clashed with Hong Kong police in Kwun Tong on Saturday in what began as a peaceful march, with multiple injuries on the side of the protesters including one male who sustained a rubber bullet to his left eye. Protesters formed barricades by unbolting pedestrian barriers and zip-tying them together. Some activists splintered off and ran up a ramp, throwing bricks at the police who responded with tear gas. Tear gas continued to be used with up to 10 canisters shot at a time, and some protesters began throwing it back.

Smoke from tear gas continued to linger into the night, as police tried to disperse protesters that regrouped at the Wong Tai Sin MTR station.

There is still no sign that the anti-government protesters will back down, almost three months after the demonstrations began.

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NBA 27 Feb 2020 06:56 CET