Demonstrators rallied outside Hong Kong's Legislative Council, protesting the amendment to the extradition law that could allow suspects to be extradited to mainland China, on Tuesday.

Some people took part in a sit-in, clapping, others were seen standing and holding banners and flags.

One of the protesters said that Hong Kong people don't want to be extradited to China as there's "no fair trial there."

The protest was held amid Legislative Council's meeting, where pan-democrats managed to block pro-Beijing chairperson from leading the discussions.

"Guys, we won a tiny little battle, but we still have the entire war to carry on with, thank you" said member of HK Legislative Council's pan-democracy camp, Claudia Mo.

The Hong Kong government proposed the amendment to the extradition law in February, and the two rival groups have been trying to take a lead in bill meetings.

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