Thousands of students hunkered down at several universities this week, surrounded by piles of food, bricks, petrol bombs, catapults and other homemade weapons, turning the campus into a heavily guarded "fortress".

The self-sufficient campus is now home to protesters to eat, sleep and practice with all kinds of different home-made weapons.

At Hong Kong polytechnic University, the campus canteen had been occupied by the protesters who know how to cook. Swimming pool was turned into petrol bombs testing field and the teaching building was shattered by the homemade catapult.

Ah Kui, a high school student who is about to take the Hong Kong university entrance exam (DSE) is among those who tested their newly built catapult.

The 18-year-old has been protesting since June and has been taking many different roles such as peaceful demonstrator, medic worker, frontliner and petrol bombs thrower.

For him, he faces pressure from both the exam and his parents. He said that his father is very pro-government that even pushed him out of his home to become a "refugee" at MacDonald's. He moved with his family from Fujian Province in China to Hong Kong when he was three years old.

But he has a strong conviction to come out to continue the fight as he said "the problem is not about whether frontliners are violent. It's like when a kidnapper put a knife by your neck, then you shouldn't be talking sense with him."

Hong Kong Police said the Chinese University, in the New Territories, had become a "weapons factory and an arsenal" with bows and arrows and catapults.

Students and protesters have barricaded in at least five campuses in the Chinese-ruled city. Police have kept their distance from the campuses for more than two days, saying both sides should cool off, but many observers are afraid of what will happen if and when they move in.

For Ah Kui, his agenda is simple - to guard the campus and to be on high alert every day.

"We have been preparing for a long time. It includes all the weapons and protections and we have put guards at outpost at every corner that has high risk to protect us from sudden attack." Says Ah Kui, "We won't let them in easily."


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