A man has died in Hong Kong after being hit on the head during clashes between government supporters and protesters.

The government said the 70-year-old cleaner was on a lunch break on Wednesday when he was struck by "hard objects hurled by masked rioters".

In London, Hong Kong's Justice Secretary Teresa Cheng was hurt after being jostled by anti-government protesters, the Chinese embassy said.

Protests have rocked Hong Kong for months and violence is escalating.

Ms Cheng is seen as having played a key role in promoting an unpopular bill allowing extradition to mainland China, which triggered the protests. China strongly condemned the incident and called for a thorough investigation.

Chinese President Xi Jinping issued a strong warning to protesters. Speaking at a summit of BRICS countries in Brazil, he said "radical violent activities" in Hong Kong "seriously challenged the [principle of] 'one country, two systems'".

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Xinhua 23 Feb 2020 09:19 CET

Medics on frontline