Hong Kong's Chief Executive Carrie Lam guaranteed there is no timetable to resume the extradition bill and that it will not be put back in discussion if divisions cannot be solved by the government, during a press conference in Hong Kong on Tuesday.

"Because we have no timetable, we need more time to address those anxieties, if the bill did not make legislative consul by July next year, it will expire, it will no longer have a validity and the government will accept that reality," said Lam while referring to an end of the current Legislative Council's term in July next year.

She added that she "will not proceed again with this legislative exercise, if these fears and anxieties cannot be adequately addressed."

Lam apologised for the second time to all Hong Kong citizens for the controversies of the bill. "I have heard you loud and clear and have reflected deeply on all that has transpired. The concerns of the past few months have been caused by deficiencies in the work of SAR [Special Administrative Region] government over the amendment exercise," she said.

"This has led to controversies, this builds anxieties in society, for this I offer my most sincere apology to all people of Hong Kong," added Lam.

In the last weeks, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators and opposition politicians blocked streets and gathered near the government's offices, urging Lam not to go forward with the bill and to resign. China, however, continues to state its support for the Hong Kong leader.

In February, the Hong Kong government proposed amending its extradition laws so that the city can accept extradition requests from countries with which it has no prior agreement, such as mainland China.

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