Hong Kong Secretary for Security John Lee Ka-chiu called on the protesters holed in at Hong Kong's Polytechnic University (PolyU) to "surrender themselves at designated points to the police officers," during a press conference in Hong Kong on Monday.

"If they do that, if they do not resort to violence, then no force will be used," he continued.

He added that a special team has been formed to "take care" of protesters under the age of 16, so that they can be accompanied to the police station.

John Lee Ka-chiu warned that the PolyU campus "has become very dangerous."

"It is full of weapons, full of dangerous goods, full of things that may explode all of a sudden, full of corrosive liquid," he said.

Chief Secretary for Hong Kong Administration Matthew Cheung Kin-chung also addressed the press to state that the government has "been leaving no stone unturned over the last few months to put an end to the violence."

Hundreds of Hong Kong protesters have been holed up inside the Polytechnic University campus for almost a week.

Police are said to have arrested at least 40 students trying to break through a security cordon at the university campus on Monday.

Polytechnic University has become the scene of some of the most tense confrontations between police and protesters in more than five months of unrest in the Chinese territory.

Hong Kong has been rocked by protests sparked by a now-withdrawn extradition bill since March. The rallies have since evolved into a wider movement against the government, marked by violent clashes between protesters and the authorities.

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RT 09 Apr 2020 02:00 CEST