The special forces of the National Police of Honduras, known as the 'Cobras', went on strike on Wednesday, demanding better working conditions for their units, who specialize in managing riots and tactical situations.

Footage shows tensions between police officers who support the strike and those that don't, with tear gas and gunshots being fired into the air. A senior police official was driven away by those joining the strikes, after he reportedly attempted to convince them to return to work.

One police officer, wearing a mask as he spoke to the press, explained that they had the support of about "20 per cent" of the officers, and went on to encourage the opposition in their ongoing protests against the government, saying "we tell the people to keep fighting, that they have a fair fight, they are fighting for something right, and the constitution of the republic says that we all have the right to protest."

Another officer said "we express our discontent and discontent with the government in the face of the crisis, and we know that no one is demonstrating here because of salary problems, we clarify to the media that this is because of the violation of our human rights."

According to reports, the police are demanding better working conditions, including certain benefits, life insurance, and medical leave, and have refused to continue dealing with protesters until their demands are met.

The announcement comes as Honduras has been embroiled in weeks of protests, after the Honduran Congress passed two bills seeking reform to the ministries of health and education. Doctors and teachers immediately on strike, claiming that those bills were the first step towards privatisation.

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