On the 75th anniversary of D-Day, learn these incredible, untold stories of 3 women who sabotaged the Nazis, armed the resistance, and helped win WWII. As told by author Sarah Rose.

In US news, a new book about World War Two from author Sarah Rose tells the story of 3 women who helped the war effort and it is coming out just in time for the D Day 7th anniversary. The book focuses on Odette Sansom, Andrée Borrel, and Lise de Baissac.

Rose: When we think about D-Day we think about the largest seaborne invasion in the world in the history of mankind. And we always think about the men on the beaches. Teenage boys hitting the beaches and taking back Europe from Hitler. It turns out. There were women behind the lines commanding troops too. So for five years Hitler controlled all of Europe. There was no democracy anywhere on the continent of Europe. D-day was the day that the allies came back. They invaded France and they took down Hitler.

Rose on Odette Sansom: Imagine being three years into a war with nothing to celebrate. Not a single battle has gone your way. Imagine getting a call from the government saying you have a skill you alone have a skill that could change this. Would you go to work for your government. Would you do it if you had three little kids at home. And your husband was already fighting. Odette Sampson did. She got trained as a secret agent in sharpshooting encryption safe cracking explosives and demolitions. She learned how to parachute. And she returned to France to become a secret agent and armed the resistance. She escapes Robbins brook with evidence that would be used in more crimes trials to put away the commandant of the largest women's prison in history. Odette became the face of the secret agency that helped arm and train the resistance. She became its most celebrated agent.

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