This is the February 20. 2019, FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:18 At least six people have died in the past week amidst a wave of violent street protests in Haiti. VICE News dispatch from Haiti, which has been engulfed in violent protests in recent weeks.

8:55 North Carolina election officials heard evidence that in last fall's midterms, Mark Harris was involved in election fraud.

12:50 A cutting-edge satellite-based alert system is being utilized by indigenous groups in Peru to fight illegal logging. VICE News embeds with FEMA, Peru's environmental cops, to find the culprits of the newest deforestation patches recently spotted.

18:44 Jamaican phone scammer Keniel Thomas couldn’t have found a worse mark. VICE News talks to William Webster, the only man to ever head both the CIA and the FBI about what went down when Thomas targeted him and his wife Lynda for a lotto scam.

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