The holidays can really make people crazy. The stress of cooking that Thanksgiving dinner. Rushing to the mall for last minute Christmas shopping after you realized you forgot to get a present for your third aunt twice removed.

But the holidays are supposed to be fun. They’re supposed to be a time when you can chow down and hang out with friends and family. And to me, Halloween really kicks off the most fun time of the year.

What’s up guys it’s Emile Ennis Jr here with Clevver News and some people obviously don’t feel the same way that I do. Of course there are a million different specific reasons why someone might not love the holidays, or why they might bring up complicated feelings for them.

This year, we found out that Hailey Bieber is one of those people.

There was a post on her instagram stories that was making rounds the other day. No not this one.

On the Insta story, somebody asked “Halloween Yes or no”

And we got a super long-winded reply.

It says “I’m a Christian. Do you have any idea what that means historically?”

Okay, already off to a rude start.

The post continued, “It means I redefine everything in culture. Pagan Feast of Winter Solstice? Oh that’s now Jesus Birthday. Pagan Feast of Spring Planting? Oh that’s now Easter Weekend. Pagan Celtic Festival involving dressing up and warding off evil spirits? Oh now it’s All Saints Day and we celebrate the (start yelling) VICTORIOUS CHURCH THAT HAS OVERCOME BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB! CANDY PLEASE!”

The message continued with a slightly calmer tone, “I’m not afraid of the world. I’m not afraid of any devil or demon or incantation. They are terrified of me. Halloween is now MY HOLIDAY and I am claiming all candy for the glory of God and the celebration of the Saints. What now? I’ll dress up however I like! My favorite characters, pop culture stuff, or whatever. It’s my party and you’re invited. I’m alive today and a Saint tomorrow. Give me candy.”

So, a lot of people thought Hailey lost her mind. One person said “what is she even saying”

Another said “well she’s with bieber right? Obviously she’s got issues”

And someone went as far as to say that “justin and hailey bieber would’ve killed for charles manson and you can’t convince me otherwise”

But, look, guys, to Hailey’s credit, she didn’t write this post. It was originally posted by this guy: Nathan Finochio

He’s a pastor at Hillsong: a church that Justin, Hailey, and a ton of other influential celebrities with powerful voices attend.

See how the long format text posts with run-on sentences and all capital letters is kind of his thing?

Not to mention fairly racist and offensive videos of asian culture.

So Nathan has a lot of thoughts that he often shares with his 92 thousand followers.

And this one just happened to be about Halloween. Even if he joked about being Judas last year for halloween.

And Hailey reposted it, sharing the good word to her 23 million followers, most of who are young impressionable women.

At the bottom of the post she seemed to wholeheartedly agree with Nathan

The two have been friends for quite some time now.

And look, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a debate on how christianity should view halloween.

As Nathan tried to say in his story, it began as a pagan holiday, which a lot of Christians associated with satan or witchcraft.

I mean, as he said in an instagram post before, even Harry Potter is taboo in some of the more strict variations of Christianity.

So look, I don’t think Hailey is a “fake christian” like some people are saying just because she celebrates Halloween.

I know a ton of religious people who also like to dress up and celebrate a harmless holiday. They can just, you know, articulate that better than the post that she shared.

So I say go on, Hailey Bieber, dress how you want, do what you want. Because it’s one day of the year where you can pretend to be whatever or whoever you want to be.

So what do you guys think about this whole thing? Hailey is definitely getting a lot of flack for reposting that story. Do you see what she was trying to say? Do you think she’s allowed to celebrate Halloween with the rest of us? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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