There are fears of a full-blown battle in Tripoli, as Khalifa Hafter's forces march toward the Libyan capital.

Libya hasn't had a stable government since Muammar Gaddafi was forced from power in 2011.

In fact, it's got two governments in different parts of the country, and right now, the powerful warlord behind one of them, seems to be making a play for complete control.

Khalifa Haftar has sent his forces west, on what he calls "a victorious march" to the capital Tripoli.

In response, the internationally-recognised government there has deployed its troops... raising fears of a major showdown.

The United Nations has called for calm. Secretary-General Antonio Gutteres has even gone to Libya himself.

So, is Libya on the brink of another round of civil war?

Salah El Bakkoush, political analyst, and Senior Advisor to the Negotiating Team of the High Council of States

Anas El Gomati, Director of the Tripoli-based Sadeq Institute.

Mansour El Kikhia, Professor of Politics from the University of Texas in San Antonio.

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