Greenland Loses BILLIONS In One Week

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"After Greenland spent a good portion of July on fire, last week’s heatwave similarly scorched the country’s ice sheet, triggering a meltdown affecting roughly 60 percent of its surface. On Thursday alone, new data shows the ice shelf lost 12.5 billion tons to surface melting, its largest single-day loss in recorded history, the Washington Post reported.

It’s not exactly the kind of record you’re happy to see broken. More like terrified. The last time Greenland had a meltdown this massive was in 2012, when its ice sheet sent more than 10 billion tons of runoff into the ocean, according to data from the Polar Portal.

Scientists came to this frankly alarming number based on computer model estimates referencing satellite and other data. Per the Washington Post, a senior researcher at the National Snow and Ice Data Center, Ted Scambos, explains the process below:

“This model, which uses weather data and observations to build a record of ice and snowfall, and net change in mass of the ice sheet, is remarkably accurate. I would accept the result as fact. 12.5 billion tons [lost] in one day, and the highest single-day total since 1950.”"

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