Descendants and commemorators of Soviet soldiers who died in combat during World War II marched through Athens, Sunday, under the banner of the 'Immortal Regiment'. Similar events are being held around the world in the lead up to Victory Day celebrations on May 9.

The mourners were seen holding banners and placards depicting their relatives, while listening and singing songs. A handful of Red Army veterans were also present at the gathering, dressed in their medal-decorated uniforms, holding roses given to them by those taking part in the march.

military official (Russian): "Russia and Greece are brothers for forever. We are thankful to Greece. We are here on the Greek land. We thank them for breathing this air. Hoora!"

Andreas Zafiris, Moderator of the Organising Committee for 9th of May event (English): "The European Committee is trying in the last years to delete the Great Victory from the history books and the fact that this victory was not only an act of the British and US army, but also from the Soviet Army and there are anti-fascist movement in Europe, and Greece, and Serbia and another countries."

Andreas Zafiris, Moderator of the Organising Committee for 9th of May event (English): "And they are trying to equalise fascism with communism. This is a terrible mistake, because without Red Admy, there would be no victory against the fascism."

Dimitrios Zafiris, Veteran of WWII (Russian): "Long live the Greek and Soviet people who fought against fascism."

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Associated Press 11 May 2020 11:44 CEST

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