The attorney for Russian cybercrime suspect Alexander Vinnik, Zoe Konstantopoulou, called the handling of his case a "disgrace" while speaking outside the Greek Council of State in Athens on Friday.

"This is a case of blatant international governmental intervention to the judicial functions. The very fundamental human rights of Alexander Vinnik are being denied today by a procedure which reminds a more of a military committee than a court," Konstantopoulou said.

"The handling of the case of Alexander Vinnik by the court is a disgrace. It shows that there is no independent justice in Greece. It shows that the justice system and the Supreme Court is absolutely dependent on the wills of the Greek government, of the US government and of the French government," she added.

Her comments came after the Greek court granted Vinnik and his legal team time to prepare additional documents for appeal, which should reportedly be submitted by January 16. The final decision on his extradition is expected by January 25, as on the 26th the 30-month pre-trial detention period will be over, after which he should be released, reports say.

The former bitcoin platform operator is accused by French authorities of cybercrime and money laundering totalling €130 million ($151 million), using the virtual currency.

Vinnik has been held in jail since July 2017 after being arrested on a US request in northern Greece. France and Russia have also sought his extradition later.

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