Google Assistant Gets Flashy New Features

Google Assistant just left Alexa and Siri in the dust.

Google announced the prospective new Google Assistant at Google I/O, and claimed it to be far superior to other systems like Siri or Alexa.

The assistant can perform tasks like making calls for you — as it can apparently understand the nuances of conversation. It will be able to make reservations or get information, all using your assistant’s AI. It will reportedly be testing this feature this summer.

It is built to encourage polite behavior in children, by expressing gratitude for words like “please.” It will also be able to perform multiple tasks at once, ranging from starting a television program to answering a trivia question.

It will have a “continued conversation” program, so you won’t have to get your assistant’s attention every time you need something — it’ll just know you’re still talking to it. It will also give you the option of setting the assistant voice to John Legend’s, and will wish you goodnight if you want it to. His will join 6 other new other voices for assistant.

There are so many cool features surrounding this neat new operating system. With so many different ways to help out, it seems that Google Assistant really will blow the competition away.

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