GONZO: Deplatforming the Mensheviks (E2)

GONZO heads up the California coastline towards Silicon Valley, witnessing much of the economic activity along the way that makes up the fifth largest economy in the world. When it is 5 o’clock, Max and Stacy stop in for a rest at a winery in Paso Robles to ask about the issues around agriculture and whether or not Trump’s trade war has impacted business. Before crossing into San Francisco, they stop in at Monterey to talk to economist Constantin Gurdgiev, who explains that modern America is eerily similar to the Soviet Union where dissent is suppressed, opinions are de-platformed and not all voices are allowed to be heard. The disconnect between reality and rhetoric gets wider and wider as a result of refusing to hear alternative ideas. GONZO then heads to San Francisco for the next leg of their journey.

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