Red Gerard, the 17-year-old, gold-medal-winning, snowboarder, has had himself quite a week. On his third and final run in men's snowboarding slopestyle, Gerard threw down a near-perfect run that rocketed him into first place, winning gold and giving the United States its first medal of the 2018 Winter Games. Before he even hit the mountain, Gerard had been dealing with a stressful day, having overslept the morning of his gold medal run, and even having to borrow a friend's jacket because he couldn't find his own. But while Gerard stressed over making it to his morning run on time, his extended family seemed to be having a ball at the Winter Games. According to Gerard, he received a Snapchat from his family at 8:30 a.m. that morning, with the entire Gerard clan shotgunning beers in preparation for his run.

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