You’re going to have to spend a lot of green if you want a picture-perfect green lawn.

Here are 5 things they don’t tell you about maintaining a lawn.

Simply mowing the lawn just doesn’t cut it.

Lawn care pros spoke with say you’ll need to spend time fertilizing, trimming, weeding and raking.

Lazy Sundays just got filled with a lot more work.

HGTV says cutting grass too short can be the kiss of death.

Once the grass is scalped, individual plants need to use food backups stored in the roots, but they may be tapped out depending on the season and the lawn’s overall health.

Pro tip; never cut more than one third of grass blade length whenever you mow.

No doubt you’ve heard the phrase “See Spot Run.”

If your dog relives itself in the yard, you can see the spots all over.

Dead, yellow patches of grass are the unattractive results of dog urine and Lowe’s says nitrogen is the culprit.

The home improvement store recommends yard-training your dogs the same way you house-trained them and reward them with good behavior when they go to their designated spot which can be a mulch or gravel area.

Speaking of ruined lawns, HGTV says overseeding can help.

Overseeding high-traffic areas can fix bare spots, and overseeding shady areas can help keep thick turf.

Lowe’s recommends watering your lawn in the early morning because the sun will dry the grass.

Watering at night leaves the blades full of moisture and prone to diseases.

I hope you’re a morning person!

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