Biologist Elena Sherstyanykh, aka the ‘Batwoman of Voronezh,’ released 40 of the 250 bats under her wing back into the wild on Sunday.

Owing to the lack of official organisations for the protection of bats in Russia, Sherstyanykh took care of any bats in trouble over the winter, even letting them stay in the relative cold of her fridge, simulating conditions outside.

“We need to release them in a manner that encourages them to fly off by themselves. We hold the bats in our arms until they warm up and get their bearings. You can’t just throw them in the air or leave them on a tree. We need to wait until the bat flies away on its own,” she said.

Elena fed the bats larvae, which she bought herself, and with each of the 250 bats eating up to 10 larvae a day at two roubles a pop, it turned into a fairly pricey winter for the Batwoman. Fortunately, she wasn’t alone and fellow batfans in Voronezh chipped in.

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