An aspiring inventor from the northern Indian city of Varanasi has developed security gadgets for women using lipsticks, purse and sandals to fight against sexual harassment.

Footage shot on Tuesday, shows inventor Shyam Chaurasia giving a demonstration of the products, which were developed for safeguarding women against sexual harassment. The products include a purse, sandals and lipstick fitted with an in-built gun.

Talking about the lipstick-gun, Chaurasia said, "The lipstick gun is especially for women's safety, not only for Indian women, but wherever women are facing harassment and rape. After seeing the crime against women, I wanted to develop some products for the safety of women and designed this prototype device."

Explaining how the product works, the inventor stated, "In case the woman is in trouble or anyone tries anything and she is not carrying a mobile phone, she can press a button on the lipstick gun which is linked to Bluetooth and it will immediately make a call to the 112 emergency number and share her location with the emergency service, so the police can arrive to help her. Meanwhile, before the police arrive, the lipstick will also fire a bullet and alert the public, who can come to help her."

Chaurasia is currently working on getting a patent for his gadgets.

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