Global National: Feb. 23, 2020

Eric Sorensen has the details on a zamboni driver who became a hometown hero after he helped the Carolina Hurricanes beat the Toronto Maple Leafs in a surprising twist that called him into game action.

Days after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned protesters that the nationwide railway blockades must come to an end, blockades remain up in the Tyendinega territory in Ontario and in Kahnawake land in Quebec. Morganne Campbell reports on how fresh new protests are also popping up and if police will finally intervene.

Ontario has reported another presumptive case of COVID-19. Plus, an Air Canada passenger has tested positive for COVID-19, but B.C. health officials say the case is not new.

Heather Yourex-West reports on the impact on Canadians as fears emerge that the incubation period could be longer than originally thought.

Bernie Sanders scores a big win in the Nevada caucus. But as Jennifer Johnson reports, many moderates are concerned Sanders’ support could help lead Donald Trump to victory on Election Day.

As Jayme Doll reports, Parks Canada is under fire for using goose down and coyote fur in its winter coats.

Reggie Cecchini has details on a new grassroots movement that’s helping to fight food insecurity across Canada and the U.S.

Veterans of the Second World War commemorate 75 years since the Battle of Iwo Jima. Crystal Goomansingh has more on the efforts to remember those who gave their lives on the small island’s frontlines.

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