A documentary for the upcoming second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation was released at the Belt and Road Innovation Forum on 5G+4K Communication on Monday in Beijing.

The three-episode 4K documentary, called Shared Future, shows the development opportunities and benefits created by the Belt and Road initiative in nearly six years, interpreting the core values and connotations of the initiative.

The series, made by China Media Group (CMG), was filmed in more than 30 countries and regions across Asia, Europe, and Africa with stories concerning some major projects of the Belt and Road initiative documented. Economic and social development, culture and customs of those countries and regions, as well as local people's passion to participate in the initiative are illustrated through these stories. They also show how ordinary people could derive a sense of achievement and happiness from the initiative, whose principles are extensive consultation, joint contribution, and shared benefits.

The documentary will be broadcast on 4 TV channels in China and CMG's new media platforms.


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