German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel spoke to the press in Berlin, Wednesday, alongside his Hungarian counterpart Peter Szijjarto.

Gabriel acknowledged the differing policies of the German and Hungarian administrations, saying, "we certainly have differing opinions regarding the question, 'What is a task for Europe and what is [a task] for nation states?" Despite this, it's the case that I believe Europe lives on arguing and discussing these different views with each other, in a way that is fair and collaborative."

Szijjarto has recently responded to criticisms of his country's refugee policy by Gabriel's colleague, SPD leader Martin Schulz. Earlier in January, the Hungarian diplomat claimed, "Martin Schulz is not aware of the most basic facts." His comments were in response to Schulz proposing that Germany shouldn't pay so much towards EU net-recipient countries, such as Hungary, if such countries did not take in a greater share of refugees.

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