German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel hosted his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu at the Kaiserpfalz Imperial Palace in Goslar on Saturday, where they discussed enhancing the dialogue between both countries.

SOT, Sigmar Gabriel, Foreign Minister of Germany (German): "I appreciate the openness with which we can both speak. Of course we cannot expect to agree on everything, this is normal, there are always different points of view. But I think we are, overall, ready to discuss openly and to continue a respectful debate from an equal level. We are NATO partners, we are together in the fight against terrorism over the Islamic State, so there are several things that unite us and I’m happy that we can bring the dialogue to a better basis, step by step."

SOT, Mevlut Cavusoglu, Foreign Minister of Turkey (Turkish): "It is like Sigmar already said, we don’t agree on everything. This is not possible or necessary. It is still possible to reach an agreement and to keep progressing. As an example I would like to remember the dealing of the EU and Turkey partnership. Despite the different opinions here it is possible to reach a win-win situation and new toll agreement. We gotta show that a new chapter in our relations can be reached."

SOT, Sigmar Gabriel, Foreign Minister of Germany (German): "I asked if being NATO partners with Turkey and fighting against IS terror is among German interests, and they said that before, there was a normal Russia-US co-operation, because we wanted Turkey to be treated as NATO partner with us as well. This is, by the way, in Germany, after the rule in the first place, so that restrictions in on exports between NATO partners are not so easy."

SOT, Sigmar Gabriel, Foreign Minister of Germany (English): "This Sunday, tomorrow, today is the most important day but there is another very important day which is tomorrow when the talks between CDU and SPD will start and as always no one knows what will be the outcome but of course both sides are very much aware about the challenges that will come to us and to EU and about the responsibility of our country in the EU stability but it is a negotiation between parties so we will see what will happen and as long as they are not at the end of the negotiation we both are doing our jobs."

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