Germany: Hong Kong is the 'front line battlefield' against authoritarianism – protest leader

Hong Kong protest leader Joshua Wong called Hong Kong the "front line battlefield" against authoritarianism, calling for Germany to stop selling weapons to the city's police during a press conference in Berlin on Wednesday, as activists gathered outside the Chinese embassy in solidarity with Hong Kong protesters.

"The protests in Hong Kong are not likely to stop because we are still fighting for our fundamental rights and democracy," Wong said, reacting to Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam announcing the withdrawal of the extradition bill which sparked massive demonstrations, calling it "mere tactics" ahead of China's national day in October.

"Germany should immediately suspend the sale and export of riot weapons to Hong Kong police," he added. "Hong Kong is the front line battlefield to confront authoritarian suppression."

While the press conference was taking place, the activist group Young Liberals gathered outside the Chinese embassy in solidarity with Hong Kong demonstrators.

"I'm in Berlin because we share the same history, what is happening now in Hong Kong has happened more than once in Germany, in Berlin," said Hong Kong activist Wong Yik Mo.

Hundreds of thousands have taken part in protests against the extradition bill since the end of March and despite the bill being withdrawn, protesters continue to hit the streets calling for Carrie Lam to resign along with other demands.

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