Some 1,500 staff, including 300 police officers, took part in a massive anti-terror exercise at Nuremberg's central train station on Tuesday night.

The officers took turns playing a militant carrying out an attack at the train station, which was closed for the occasion, or the police response team, as seen in footage from the exercise.

Middle Franconia Head of Police Roman Fertinger said the exercises were important "because we learn from each mission, and this exercise is, I believe, the largest in twenty years."

"Today's exercise has been prepared for months, which is not a consequence of last week's [attack in Halle], but it is a consequence of the threat scenarios we have in Germany," said Bavarian Minister of Interior Joachim Herrmann.

Hermann went on to say that "the threat has not diminished," adding that "in the last few months alone, with the assassination of the Kassel regional president [Walter Lubcke] and now this attack on the Jewish community in Halle, we have seen that there are obviously more people in the right-wing extremist area who are ready for even the most brutal violence, such as committing murder."