German Chancellor Angela Merkel touched upon a series of pressing issues in her address in the German Parliament in Berlin on Thursday.

Merkel acknowledged the progress made in the Brexit talks while stressing the importance of safeguarding the 'Good Friday' agreement to maintain peace in Northern Ireland.

"We will not allow that hate and violence can once again flare up on the island of Ireland," said Merkel.

Merkel also touched upon ongoing Turkey’s military offensive in northeastern Syria and saying, "The military operation of Turkey in Syria brings only new human suffering to the already very maltreated country."

"It claims many victims and forces tens of thousands, among them thousands of children, to flee," she added.

Merkel also cautioned against the strengthened position of Russia and Iran in the region in light of US forces' withdrawal saying, "We cannot yet measure the consequences of that today."

The address came as the EU and the UK announced they had finally struck a Brexit deal.

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