German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte addressed issues ranging from the European Union to Brexit to bilateral cooperation in a positive mood in Berlin on Monday.

"Germany and the Netherlands belong to the countries which have always had a close partnership with Britain and we also want that in the future," stressed Merkel. She added that the Bank Union was also an important issue.

The two leaders also exchanged compliments, with Merkel stating the meeting would not take much time, as "Our countries do not have many bilateral problems." On his end, Rutte emphasised: "We have built up a close relationship through years. Both personally and politically, we understand each other well."

Germany's lack of government since last September's elections also came up during the press conference, though Merkel handled it diplomatically. "We know that our government formation will still take a while, but here I'm in good company," Merkel said.

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