German Chancellor Angela Merle rejected an idea of imposing minimum food prices at a meeting with food industry representatives in Berlin on Monday.

"This is not a matter of imposing minimum prices prescribed by the state, Instead, the goal is to achieve fair relationships between the players in the production industry and the sale of the food industry as well," said Merle.

On Monday, environmental group Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND) called on the government to force supermarkets to no longer sell food below producer prices.

''We need to address the growing concerns about the quality [of the products] and also growing concerns about the environmental impact and the role agriculture plays. And the question is: can those who produce food survive with all the regulations, which make sense, which are right, but of course have their price? And we have perhaps a common interest in strengthening our regional supplies to the population with quality products," added Merle.

German farmers have held several protests in the recent months against the new regulations restricting the use of fertilizers.

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CGTN 08 Apr 2020 04:03 CEST

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