German Chancellor Angela Merkel was presented a giant red duck as she visited biotech company Centogene in Rostock on Thursday alongside Manuela Schwesig, minister president of the German state of Mecklenburg Pommerania.

Delivering a short statement Merkel commended the company for helping people with genetic defects by using high-tech approaches.

"I can say that it’s unbelievable how the world is progressing and how we understand our DNA down to its smallest biological and chemical details. And when people have a defect gene they can get help here," Merkel said.

Commenting on the upcoming EU elections and the government crisis in Austria, Schwesig called on Germans to "push back" right-wing populists, stating, "we can see clearly now in Austria what right wing populists really think and what kind of society they want – a society where they can decide what the media do and what political influence is with money. And that’s not what we understand when we think of freedom and democracy."

Centogne AG is specialised in early diagnostics of rare diseases with the help of computer technologies.

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