Restrictions: No access Germany and online media, no access social media and YouTube

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the European Union is facing its greatest test since its foundation, during from a press conference in Berlin on Sunday, as she discussed issues related to the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on Germany and the EU.

"In my view, Europe - the European Union - is facing its greatest test since its foundation," she said. "It is a symmetrical shock, as it is technically called. This means that everyone is affected by the same measures, and therefore it must also be in everyone's interest and Germany's interest that Europe should emerge strongly out of this test."

"Germany will only do well in the long run if Europe is doing well," Merkel added. "The answer can only be more Europe and a stronger Europe and that Europe works well, all of its parts, that is, all its member states."

The chancellor said the government was "[thinking] hard day and night about how we can gradually open life," but that she could not give a date for the moment.

Confirmed cases of the coronavirus surpassed 100,000 in Germany on Sunday, and the country has reported over 1,600 deaths related to the virus.

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Associated Press 11 May 2020 11:44 CEST

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