Several dozens of activists protested in Berlin on Wednesday, against what they called a US-backed coup d'état in Venezuela.

Activists participated in the rally against the President of the National Assembly Juan Guaido, who called on opposition supporters in Venezuela to protest as a path for the dismissal of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Participants of the rally under slogan 'No recognition for putschists' gathered in front of the US embassy, located near the German capital's iconic Brandenburg gate, to voice support for President Nicolas Maduro.

According to one of the activists, the United States is "doing exactly what they did in Libya. [They] Create a so-called parallel government that supposedly runs the governmental functions. And as in Libya, after a period, try to provoke a civil war."

Activists, among them Venezuelan nationals as well as representatives of the German Communist Party [DKP] and some other movements, were shouting out chants against foreign intervention in Venezuelan crisis.

"I feel cheated by Germany and the European Union. When they claim that there are no true elections in Venezuela, they are ignoring the millions of fellow men in my country who voted for Maduro," participant of the rally said.

Last Saturday, Germany as well as France, Spain and the UK announced an ultimatum to Nicolas Maduro to hold elections within eight days, or they would recognise Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as president.

On January 23, Chairman of Venezuela's last-elected parliament in 2015 Juan Guaido proclaimed himself as the "Interim-President" and was immediately recognised as the legitimate head of state by US President Donald Trump and several South American governments.

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