Leading members of Germany's ruling Christian Democratic Union (CDU) arrived for the second day of a closed-doors party meeting at their headquarters in Berlin on Monday, the day after Social Democratic Party (SPD) leader Andrea Nahles resigned in a move that potentially jeopardises the future of the Germany's coalition government.

Hesse Minister President Volker Bouffier, Minister for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection Julia Kloeckner and Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen answered questions from waiting journalists, while German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived to the venue in a vehicle.

"I think we should allow the SPD to have this day to sort themselves out. We as coalition partner expect that the leadership question will be resolved quickly, because in the end it is important, that we as coalition partners can rely on each other," said Kloeckner.

Bouffier commented that "The SPD is now in a situation that is exceptional on every aspect. Either they are able to stabilise themselves, then they will continue to be a coalition partner. If they cannot achieve this, then this is not feasible. But the answer has to come from the SPD now.''

Despite the CDU/CSU alliance receiving the largest number of votes in the recent EU parliament elections, their support dropped about seven percent compared to 2014.

There are concerns within the CDU that a new SPD leader could withdraw their party from the ruling GroKo coalition, forcing new elections when both parties are polling at historic lows.

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