Footage filmed on Tuesday shows dozens of visitors flocking to a special exhibition of the Syrian Heritage Archive Project hosted by Berlin's Museum of Islamic Art, to take a virtual tour through the Syrian cultural landscape ravaged by the country's war.

The special exhibition, which opened on February 28, features one of the most comprehensive archives on Syria created outside the country, including artefacts, images, maps and films.

Islamic Art Museum Director Stefan Weber noted that "it is one of the largest, maybe the largest photo archive on Syria in the world."

The exhibition focuses on Aleppo and such Syrian towns as Palmyra and Raqqa that have been severely affected by the drawn-out conflict in the country, with many cultural treasures destroyed or irretrievably lost.

Weber stressed that the destruction of Syria's cultural and archaeological heritage was "a big loss" and expressed hope that its preservation would help "build up a new Syria."

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