The coronavirus "infection curve" in Germany is showing a "slight flattening" according to a German Health Ministry spokesperson, who spoke at a government press conference in Berlin on Wednesday.

"Right now, we experience a slight flattening of the infection curve. But this is no reason to give an all-clear signal. We still have a high number of new infections and therefore I would warn against talking about an exit strategy now," said spokesperson Sebastian Guelde.

Guelde also explained possible reasons that Germany has a lower fatality rate so far when compared to other countries:

"There are several factors important at play. One thing we can say is [that] we started testing quite early in Germany".

He also added that Germany has "a relatively young group of infected people," saying that the average age of an infected person in the country is 45 years old.

Government spokesperson Steffen Seibert also provided an update on how Chancellor Angela Merkel was faring in preventative self-quarantine.

"She is leading the government tasks from home. She is in constant, close contact with all members of the Cabinet, with her co-workers, and she is also conducting important international dialogues from home", Seibert said.

On Sunday, Merkel announced strict coronavirus measures, which include a contact ban that forbids more than two people meeting together for at least two weeks.

The country so far has 35,714 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 181 deaths.


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Associated Press 11 May 2020 11:44 CEST

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