Berlin plans to create liquefied natural gas (LNG) infrastructure in the foreseeable future, as German Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Peter Altmaier announced in Berlin on Tuesday.

"We are going to take decisions during the next weeks over the construction of one or several LNG terminals," Altmaier said during a joint press conference with US Deputy Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette.

At the same time, Altmaier insisted that the question of LNG was not part of an alleged deal with the US to set aside its concerns about Nord Stream 2, which would deliver Russian gas to the EU under the Baltic Sea, bypassing Ukrainian pipelines.

"When it comes to the energy supplies, Europe will never succumb to blackmail by anybody - whether it's a friend or an enemy. We are interested in reinsuring our constant energy flow," he stressed.

Brouillette in turn confirmed that there had been no bilateral LNG deal between Berlin and Washington to smooth tensions over Nord Stream 2. However, he noted: "We do think that these terminals provide not only diversity but competition to pipeline gas throughout Europe."

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